Career Day for foreign-trained lawyers

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law recently held a “Career Day” for foreign-trained lawyers enrolled in its Internationally Trained Lawyers Program. The first and only one of its kind in Canada, the 10-month intensive program is designed to provide academic and professional career support to foreign-trained lawyers working towards obtaining their licence to practice law in Ontario. read more

Toronto_SunYoungest Bathtub Girl set free

The youngest of the notorious Bathtub Girls has been handed her "get out of jail free" card and is now out on mandatory parole - after serving just four years for drowning her mother.
Isn't justice grand?

Her identity forever protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the 23-year-old was released Tuesday morning from the federal Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener. "They simply opened the gates and said you're free to go," said her lawyer, Shedrack Agbakwa. read more

CBC'Bathtub girl' killer gets early release for university studies

One of two Mississauga sisters convicted four years ago of killing their mother will be let out of prison and allowed to move to a halfway house.
The woman, who cannot be identified, was granted early release so she can do university studies this fall.
The sisters were convicted in 2005 of killing their mother in 2003 by drowning her in the bathtub.
The 22-year-old who was given early release was a minor at the time of the crime.
A judge in Brampton, Ont., agreed Monday to change the conditions of her sentence.

She will go to a halfway house in Barrie, Ont., and from there she will be allowed to take online courses with the University of Waterloo where she has been awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

The woman's father was in the courtroom along with other family members to hear the ruling. read more

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